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Boat tour around the "île aux oiseaux" on Arcachon bay

Parcs de l'ile aux oiseaux Cabanes sur pilotis Port de l'ile Piquey Piraillan Village du Canon Villade de L'Herbe © Christophe La chapelle Algerienne © Christophe Dune du Pilat Arcachon Tour de l'ile aux oiseaux en pinasse

This is a circle line visit which lasts 1h45', well described. The boat tries to approach the cost as much as possible according to the tide. The houses on pilotisof the"île aux oiseaux", the oysters parks, the fishermen villages of Cap Ferret Peninsula. We are entering the Arcachon bay with an amazing view on one side of the dune du Pilat the Cap Ferret Peninsula on the other side. and also Arcachon sea front. There are two possible packages for visiting the "île aux oiseaux"

Circle line tour without any calls
In that case, departing is possible from any jetties, morning or afternoon but for your information, departing times in Andernos depend on tides.
Circle line tour without one call
This is a bit more expensive than the package above. Departing is only possible in the morning from any jetties too. Call would be done in Arcachon or Cap Ferret. A ferry boat will bring you back to your starting point at the end of the afternoon. This is particularly good for families with young children. It allows extra time to visit another part of the bay where you would be able to eat and rest.

Schedules and Prices for the "île aux oiseaux" tour

Heures de départ en fonction des lieux d'embarquement
Departing time according to the boarding points
Periode Départ(s)
cap Ferret
Le Canon
04 Apr 2019 au 03 Jul 201910h30* - 11h15*
14h15 - 15h
04 Jul 2019 au 02 Sep 2019 10h30-11h15
14h15 - 15h - 16h15
14h1510h15-14h15-16h1515h00juin -sept Andernos
03 Sep 2019 au 30 Sep 201910h30* - 11h15*
14h15 - 15h
01 Oct 2019 au 05 Apr 202015h
sam dim & vac. Scol zone A 11h15*+14h15

Pas d'excursions le 25 décembre et le 1 janvier (No trip the 25th décember and first january).
* Tour de l'île aux oiseaux avec escale possible (with one possible call).

Tarifs Titre de transport à partir du: 01/03/2019
Circuit Adulte (>13 ans) Enfant (4-12 ans) Enfant (1-3 ans)
Tour de ile aux oiseaux Arcachon16.0 €11.0 €3.0 €
Tour de ile Arcachon avec escale22.0 €15.0 €6.0 €
Tour de ile aux oiseaux Andernos23.0 €16.0 €6.0 €

Map for "Tour de l'ile aux oiseaux" with pinasse

Circuit en bateau du:Tout de l'ile aux oiseaux

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Enquiries UBA: 05 57 72 28 28.